Swept off your feet and madly in love? Wanting to make some beautiful memories with your lover? Looking for a budget travel destination to go on a whirlwind romance with your lover? But, you’re strapped for cash?  Fret not, below is a list of the top 10 budget travel destinations for young couples.

Guaranteed to set the mood and allow you and your loved one to make memories to last a lifetime.


1. Koh Samui, Thailand


koh samui beachside
Image via kohsamuisunset.com


When you hear Thailand for romantic getaway your mind jumps to think of Phuket or Krabi. But, the less prominent Koh Samui is as beautiful and cheaper.

The serene island has countless private villas you could rent at a bargain. Food is cheap and the currency exchange rate lets your money go a long way on budget travel. It even has a bustling nightlife suited for youngsters looking to have fun nights.


2. Kota Kinabalu, Sabah


kk island beashside
Image via theculturetrip.com


Whether you and your lover are into wildlife and nature or want to go on a seductive beach getaway, KK is the place to go.

More adventurous? Plan a hiking trip to hike Mount Kinabalu, South East Asia’s highest mountain peak. You can also visit the many wildlife reserves. home to the endangered rafflesia plant and Bornean orangutan.

If you’re more for relaxing, go on a beach vacay and plan an island hopping vacation. KK has countless crystal blue water surrounded islands. Accommodation, food and tourists attractions are ideal for budget travel. Youngsters who are into the nightlife can visit KK’s waterfront to go bar hopping.


3. Dubrovnik, Croatia


view of dubrovnik on the coast
Image via telegraph.co.uk

This eastern European gem sits on Croatia’s crystal blue Adriatic sea coastline. This quaint historical city guarantees to set a romantic mood for any couple.

For budget travel, go in off-peak seasons. Couples can wander about Old Town and transport back in time with the cobblestone architecture and historical sites. For a breathtaking view of this city, couples can take a cable car ride above the city.

A trip to Croatia would be incomplete without a visit to its esteemed blue water beaches. Couples can spend hours lounging on the picturesque Banje Beach or go island hopping.


4. Goa, India


goa palolem beach and beachside huts for budget travel
Image via gapyear.com


This former Portuguese colony is a seaside state in India and a paradise for young couples on budget travel. Couples can save while indulging on cheap and delicious Indian cuisine. Accommodation and travel fare is fairly cheap too.

Couples into history can visit the countless Portuguese colonial sites for free. Those looking for nightlife experience can enjoy Goa’s Portuguese influenced night scene.

Goa is also home to beautiful beaches where couples can relax or enjoy watersports.


5. Athens, Greece

athens ancient greece tourist attraction
Image via discovergreece.com


Due to Greece’s current economy, it is particularly cheap to visit. Accommodation is super affordable and local greek cuisine is cheap.

The city has innumerable historical sites that you can visit when you buy a joint access ticket. Some sites are even free to see. Couples who are history buffs can visit the many museums and learn about ancient Greece.

For a more romantic feel, couples can visit nearby Greek islands such as Santorini, Milos, Rhodes and more by ferry.


6. Cusco, Peru


cusco peru city view
Image via explorebyyourself.com


Couples looking for a South American budget destination can definitely check Cusco out. Food is insanely cheap and affordable accommodation is abundant.

Couples can go on tours to the many old churches and cathedrals such as Iglesia San Sebastian and the Cusco Cathedral.

There is an abundance of Incan cultural sites for couples to see such as the Incan fortress Saksaywaman. A trip to Peru is incomplete without a visit to Machu Picchu, which you can visit by hiking the Inca trail.


7. Komodo Island, Indonesia


komodo island wide view
Image via livingnomads.com


Looking for the island experience Indonesia offers? Visit the less prominent but cheaper Komodo island. This island is not as busy so couples can have a more serene getaway.

Home to the Komodo dragons, couples can visit Komodo National Park and take pictures with the scary reptiles. Adventurous couples can go on the breathtaking Padar Island Hike. There you can spot the black, pink and white sand beaches of the island while admiring the sunset.

Couples can also go scuba diving to see the coral reefs and spot manta rays.


8. Phnom Penh, Cambodia


phnom penh temple tourist attraction
Image via worldtravelguide.net


Cambodia is a great budget-friendly country to visit. Many honeymooners come here to see Angkor Wat, Ta Prohm, and the many ancient Buddhist temples.

Couples into nature can visit the stunning Kulen Waterfall, Elephant Valley project or relax on Cambodia’s white sand beaches.

Phnom Penh also has a happening nightlife and many historical museums and sites that couples can visit.


9. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam


ho chi minh city main square building
Image via theculturetrip.com


Here, couples can walk hand in hand along the white sand Sao beach or go for a couples spa treatment at one of the many spas. For a scenic experience, couples can go on a cruise along Halong Bay and see the floating village.

Couples can also tour the many serene rice paddy fields or take romantic riverside strolls. Cheap bites and shopping can be found in the Duong Dong market and night market.

For a historical experience, couples can visit the many war museums.


10. Los Cabos, Mexico


los cabos sea rock formations
Image via ironman.com

Couples can go on a very romantic tropical getaway here. Spend days relaxing on the beautiful blue water beaches while whale watching. Adventurous couples can go surfing, snorkeling or diving at Lovers Beach. Los Cabos is home to the pristine waters of the Sea of Cortez

Foodies can indulge in the abundance of seafood and local Mexican cuisine for a bargain. For a fun night out couples can party and experience Los Cabos’s bustling nightlife.


What are you waiting for? Book that romantic getaway sure to sweep your lover off their feet. Feel free to leave a comment if you think there are other budget travel destinations that were not listed above.