Beginner travelers often have no idea on what they should wear, or how many clothes they should bring for a trip. Based on our past experience, it usually takes a combination of different clothes to make a travel pleasurable. This is probably why we need to have the best travel clothes; they should never be left as a last-minute thought.

It is not that easy to pack for a trip if you want to make it light. Each item of travel clothing you pack needs to be relevant to ensure that you take the right items on your trip and avoid overpacking. They should be practical and will help you combat the different situations you encounter throughout your journey.

In this article, we are going to share 5 tips to assist you in selecting the right travel clothing. For those who are planning a trip with different destinations, activities and climates, this piece is for you. Follow these tips to determine what kind of clothing you should bring to have a fantastic travel experience!


1. It should work in different settings


packing travel clothing that work in different settings
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A huge part of the travelling fun is getting to explore every element a city has to offer. From treks and temples to restaurants and nightlife, your travel clothing should be versatile and can be worn in at least a couple different settings.

Every item in your bag should have multiple uses. Ideally, we recommend finding something that are both functional and fashionable because they are the best selection for travel clothing. Why pack something if you do not like it?

Keep in mind that to feel comfortable in different countries and cultures, it helps to buy clothes that are of a general, flexible style. Save your brain power for opting the best places to go, not what you are going to wear once you get there.


2. It should be durable


durable travel clothing
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Take for example the life cycle of a clothing item you use at home. Even the cheap ones can last for years if you only wear them occasionally. However, when you travel, your clothing works extra hard due to constant use and washing methods, so its lifespan can be limited.

It is therefore important to pack travel clothing that is durable. You should choose items that will not fall apart after a few washes but come with an affordable price you are willing to give up.


3. It should not take up a lot of space


space-saving travel clothing
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Before you purchase an item or select one from your own closet, roll it up and see how much space it needs. If it is very bulky, consider taking a more compact travel clothing. Even in colder climates the key is to layer your clothing.

However, if the item can be used frequently and can mix and match many of your other travel clothing choices, it does not necessarily mean you should not pack it. For instance, jeans can be bulky and heavy, but the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages.

Ultimately, any travel clothing should you consider bringing along should not occupy too much space in your luggage. In this way, you can save that space for more deserving items such as souvenirs you bought from your trip.


4. It should not take ages to dry


quick dry travel clothing
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We recommend travel clothing that dry quickly because they tend to pack lighter and they are also easy to wash when you are constantly on the move.

Remember that just because a clothing is made of “quick dry” fabric, does not necessarily mean it works. Likewise, just because your regular clothing is not for travelling purposes, does not mean the fabric would not dry quickly. You would be surprised how much of the clothing you already own dries quickly.

As a general rule of thumb, if you plan on packing less than 10 travel clothing, we would like you to make sure the majority of your clothing can dry quickly because your options are more often than not, limited.


5. It should be able to complement with each other


mix-and-match travel clothing
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With limited clothing options, it is important to utilize your travel wardrobe to its maximum. Choose each item very carefully and plan travel clothing that is interchangeable. Determine whether your clothing can mix and match or not and try out the different combinations that are possible with your choices.

By selecting complementary clothing and planning travel clothing in advance, not only you prepare well but you also avoid overpacking. In short, travel clothing that can play multiple roles saves your time, money and space.


smart packing can mitigate unwanted stress
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Packing travel clothing for a trip may seem overwhelming at first but packing smart can mitigate unwanted stress. Hence, it is best to pack a few travel clothing items that work for every kind of adventure – from city touring to wilderness exploring when travelling.

While it is everyone’s priority to look attractive and fashionable during a travel, we want to remind you that it is equally important for your travel clothing to be functional and easy to maintain.

Easy packing is definitely a plus. Keep this in mind when you are packing your travel wardrobe in order to keep yourself in style and comfort.

Now we would love to hear your clothing preferences when you travel. How do you strike the balance between style and comfort? Please do not hesitate to share with us your opinions in the comment section below!