The year-end holidays are right here. You are jealous as your friends, relatives and colleagues are going to have their vacation well-spent by travelling around the world. Unlike them, you are not going anywhere just because you missed out the best timing to buy cheap flight tickets


Feeling relatable to the scenario above? Indeed, from our past experience, our users frequently enquire us regarding the best time to book cheapest flights. Coupled this up with frequent fluctuations in airfare prices, buying a reasonably priced ticket can undoubtedly feel like a hardly-achievable goal.


The right moment to buy a plane ticket depends on where and when you plan to travel. Though there is no certain answer on this, this article will bring you some useful guidance on the best time to buy your flight tickets. Don’t wanna suffer through the misery of being left out, ever again?! Read on to find out more.  


Cheapest Time To Book


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Based on our research and observation, we found out that March, September and October tend to be the cheapest months to book your flights because they are just outside of peak festive seasons. We highly recommended you to consider travelling on these periods in order to avoid traffics, crowds and endless waits in the airport.


The most expensive months to travel in are April, May, November and December. With crowded planes and noisy airports, we bet you’ll be competing for more than just cheap flights.


Speaking of which, December’s Christmas holiday also sees a surge in airfares because airlines tend to hike their prices right before peak travelling times. Therefore, you may want to book that trip in advance to save your wallet.


Cheapest Days To Fly


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Do you know you could save even more by knowing the cheapest days to fly? If you have some flexibility with your travel schedule, flying on a particular day could possibly save yourself some extra money.


The cheapest day to book your flight is typically on weekdays. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are usually the cheapest. For international flights, weekdays are usually cheaper than weekends. Also, try to avoid booking right before public holidays and school holidays for obvious reasons.


Also, fly when most people don’t want to, such as dawn, overnight or flights during lunch or dinner hour because these are when the tickets will be dirt cheap. If you’re travelling for leisure, you should wait to book your flight in the afternoon because prices tend to be cheaper than in the morning.


Don’t Book Too Far In Advance


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While last-minute flight bookings are not going to guarantee you the cheapest seats, we do not recommend you to book tickets too far in advance either. Even though booking 3 to 6 months in advance can cut some of your budget, we beg to differ with that. 


From our finding, the perfect timing should be around 60 days or 2 months before your initial depart date considering that some airlines may announce last-minute specials. Hence, you should try to be flexible and don’t book everything way ahead of time, just in case that sudden flash sale pops up!


Ultimately, you should take note that some destinations are very dependent to seasons, and flight ticket prices are primarily subject to what time of the year you intend to travel. Factors like socio-political status, oil prices, airline competition and the weather all have significant impact on flight ticket prices.


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Nowadays, booking your travels is easier than ever before. With so many options and a world of information at your fingertips, knowing when to book the cheapest flights should be simple. However, it can be very confusing when there are so many different suggestions on the best time to buy flight tickets. 


We all want the cheapest flights possible and that’s what this article all about. Finding the cheapest days to fly and getting the best deals on airfare. Comparison shopping is a big help; so is knowing when to buy tickets and the best days to fly. 


Last but not least, feel free to leave us a comment below on any handy tips you might have up your sleeve on the best timing to buy cheap flight tickets! We are more than glad to hear about it